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Internal Link (A Brief Guide On Internal linking)

For better Seo, various factors need to be looked at; one of them is Internal Linking. This post will help you in exploring, what is an internal link, how to add an internal link in WordPress, how to add an internal link in HTML, Internal linking structure and other factors associated with it.

What is An Internal link?

If you are launching a website or refreshing an existing asset, internal linking is essential as it connects your website page to another page on the same site internally. Also, its a strategy as important as external linking. One of the main aspects of creating an internal link is to offer a user-friendly experience for website visitors.

How to Add An Internal link in WordPress?

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Adding an internal link on platforms like word press is quite comfortable and hassle-free. For instance, this snapshot is of my recent post on SEO. To give an internal or external link/off page, select the text and click on the clip icon on the right corner or just press ctrl+k. The link box will appear to add a page URL you wanted to link your page to, and its done.

How to Add An Internal link in HTML?

Giving a link is easy on WordPress even in HTML form. Just select the text box you want to edit as HTML. Click on the more options button on the top right corner. Select edit as HTML option

How to Add An Internal link in HTML

Now Follow these two steps

  • Add <a href=””> between<ul><li>
    and your anchor text.
  • In step 2 add </a> after your anchor text.
  • For example:
    <ul><li> <a href=””>White Hat SEO </a>

What Does the internal link Structure Refer to?

The most important part even more important than giving an internal link is its structure. You have to make sure the relevancy of your anchor word with the page or blog post you are giving an internal link to.

For example, if the anchor text is best knives, then the link for this text should be the post talking about the best knives because the user will expect to land on a page talking about knives.

Also, Irrelevant internal linking gives negative signals to Google. The more irrelevant internal links you provide the less Google will show your website on the first page.

How Internal linking Can Improve the Ranking of Your Page?

For example, if you are creating backlinks for one of your post on best knives of 2019 and on that page, you have an internal link to your other post. It will improve the ranking of your all other pages whom you are giving an internal to.I call it the positive multiplication effect.

From Indexing point of view, internal linking does matter. Google crawlers do consider relevant internal linking as a healthy sign. The crawlers follow the links to understand the structure of the site. More relevant links help Google to understand the structure of the site.

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