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8 Most Important SEO Trends You Need to Know In 2019

This year, Google’s shaken the world with its mobile- and speed-related efforts. As a result, most of 2019’s SEO trends are expected in this direction. However, some “non-Google” game-changers will also influence how we build our SEO campaigns. Let’s explore these seo trends and ways to embrace them.The following SEO trends and strategies will help you in generating more revenues.

Suggested SEO Tends(Analyze and Understand Your User’s Intention)

Is your viewer incline into the content itself? Pictures? Video? Sound.

I believe knowing this will help in 2019, as indicated by our specialists.

Mindy Weinstein CEO of Market Mindshift Believes”You have to comprehend what somebody is hoping to discover when they inquiry a word or expression and you have to give them the appropriate response in the least complex way imaginable.”

But “The interests, tastes, and inclinations of your readers can change more rapidly than you might suspect,” said Motoko Hunt, president AJPR.

Hunt also shared”Regardless of whether your site content is superbly composed and improved if it is for a wrong target audience, it won’t develop the business.”

Suggested SEO Tends (Think Beyond Google Search Engine)

Do you think Apple and Amazon aren’t working to take over google search? If yes then you are right as Schwartz said “I believe that 2019 will be the year that, indeed, SEO won’t simply be about how to streamline for Google, yet we should consider these other search engines too”.

Jes Scholz, a worldwide digital executive for Ringier AG, said “I likewise observe the extent of SEO growing to cover permeability on different platforms.”

Suggested SEO Tends (Structured Data Is Vital)

Marcus Tandler, co-founder and MD of Ryte suggested that “Use structured data whenever possible.”

“With AI ending up progressively essential for Google, structured data is winding up increasingly imperative also,” Tandler said. “On the off chance that Google needs to move from a current version to an AI version, structured data is critical. Regardless of how great your AI is, on the off chance that it takes too long to ‘even think about crawling’ the required data, it will never be extraordinary. AI requires quick handling of substance and their relations to one another.”

Also, Bill Slawski, Director of SEO search at Go Fish Digital included these tips “Try to Understand and use fitting composition vocabulary on pages for items, offers, occasions, contact data, same as social and another medium you have affiliations with.”

Suggested SEO Tends(Create Eye-Catching Content)

Google Updates in 2019 uncovered that Google is strengthening its attention on assessing the content quality.It also include profundity and broadness of a site’s substance, said Eric Enge, general manager of Perficient Digital.

Enge further shared “Those sites that gave exceptional depth in terms of quality of the content will truly take off in rankings consistently.”

Alexandra Tachalova digital marketing consultant believes”This whole thing implies in the case despite everything you’re doing to keep your blog alive, that won’t be sufficient anymore.”

Suggested SEO Tends (Invest On Technical Side of SEO)

In 2019 Speed, Javascript, and PWA (Progressive Web Apps) will play a vital role in ranking your site in the top 10.

Suggested SEO Tends(On-Page, Optimization Can Alone Help You In Winning The Battle)

Following on page website optimizations techniques were shared by Alexis Sanders, technical SEO manager at Merkle:

  • Make sure to put up content that answers queries.
  • Your insite search shows relevant and exect content.
  • Have a chatbot to answer your visitor’s questions.
  • Follow the user’s fulfillment funnel.

Suggested SEO Tends (Use Voice Search)

Apparently voice search got lots of attention in 2018, said Aleyda Solis, international SEO consultant and founder of Orient” The voice search factor is just a little piece of a bigger picture, from specific “results” to “answers” as part of a longer “conversational search journey.”

Overall Google does take into account the voice search factor when it comes to rating the overall site performance.

Suggested SEO Tends (Optimize Your Featured Snippets & SERP Features)

Apart from optimizing your website, you must optimize for the Google search experience in 2019.

As shared by Ian Lurie.”Answer boxes, formulas, the learning diagram, merry go rounds, and who-comprehends what-else will whittle down natural traffic,” said Ian Lurie, CEO, and originator of Portent. “That makes SEO considerably progressively vital because the presentation is as much about permeability in the SERPs for what it’s worth about snaps.”

Applying these techniques will help you for sure in improving SERP and overall position of your site.

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